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The company was incorporated on November 08,2001, as 100% Filipino owned Brokerage Company and Freight Forwarding that offers a complete range of integrated logistics programs. The company is manned by competent staffs whose expertise has been realized and developed over the years thru experiences in various freight forwarding companies and brokerage firms in the industry thus gaining the continued confidence and support of our local clients and our growing overseas network.

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Credibility is our bread and butter. Coming from years of providing services to various clients, Having sufficient equipment and manpower at our disposal, Clearly choosing us will be the best option for you.

Fully Equipped

Back by Emme Logistics Group, Tractor Heads, Trailers, and Trucks are all available and allocated systematically to maximized the scheduling of trips. The company resources are monitored and are ready for immediate appointments. We are committed to deliver our best services all the time.      

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Filipino Owned

The company was founded by Chairman Gen. Edgar Aglipay (Ret) as part of the Emme Logistics Group. A 100% Filipino owned brokerage company, that offers services as part of its logistics program. Secured Logistics and Brokerage Specialists Inc. pursues excellence in every aspect of their work.

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We have multiple accreditations already… Since opening our doors for business back in 2001, SECURED LOGISTICS & BROKERAGE SPECIALIST, INC. has been accredited by Bureau of Customs (South Harbor / MICP / NAIA / Subic), PEZA, Philippine Shippers Bureau, and Civil Aeronautics Board

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Company Ideals

Aims to be one of the best brokerage/forwarding provider in the industry by providing economical and quality services guided by our commitment to :

  • Provide sincere, fast and efficient services to customers
  • Attain customer-based satisfaction resulting to continued business productivity
  • Commit to making top personalized services as the ultimate result
  • Offer competitive pricing scheme with a very reasonable profit
  • Educate and encourage our employees to constantly strive for quality and service improvement.

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